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Movie Review — Aeon Flux — Hands For Feet? Really?

Aeon Flux

Hands For Feet? Really?

2005, 93 minutes

Synopsis In 10 Words Or Less — An assassin tries to save a futuristic society from extinction.


The Good — It’s brisk 93 minutes flies by without being bogged down by tons of exposition or pesky character development. Backstories and character arcs have no place in an action piece like this one, countering the purpose.


The Bad — This movie is what it is, nothing more. It’s a 90-minute diversion that, once over, leaves no impressionable images or emotions. Granted, sci-fi action romps should be popcorn movies, but the best ones usually leave the viewer with something to think about or carry post-movie.


The Ugly — Par for the course, the acting is standard. The actors recite their lines, hit their cues, and go home. The villains, instead of being interesting or, at the least, over-the-top, are prefunctory and mildly sympathetic. The acting and direction of the acting is severely lacking. For a protagonist to be engaging, there must be a similarly engaging antagonist, which is not found here. This isn’t too offensive, but doesn’t add to a mildly entertaining experience.

**3/4 out of ****

Copyright 2011 Erik Handy

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